Growing up with a mom who loved clothes and who was into acting and singing professionally…I caught the fashion bug early. And so did the dolls that I loved to play with. The dolls would get the clothes I made for them from the scraps of fabric that was left over from the garments that were made for the family.

My imagination was quite vivid. After the dolls were dressed in a new creation I made…well of course they needed to go out in public and show to it off. I was having so much fun at this that it would entertain me for hours at a time.

The fascination of creating a garment out of flat fabric into a molded form was so wonderful. And I saw how a ball of yarn could be transformed into a warm sweater with a pretty pattern on it from watching my mom make sweaters for me. That was like magic to a small child like I was then.

Anyone who could sew or could create beautiful art with their hands  was interesting to me. Each person could be given some fabric and pattern and each garment would come out a bit different. But reflecting the idea,inspriration and persona of the indiviual who made it!

I am a graduate of F.I.T.winning design awards in F.I.T as well. And even though I have learned a great deal from there, it was just the tip of the iceberg of what our ALL of ancestors have done by hand. Centuries ago there are many techniques that have been lost from the technologies of today. So sewing is a constant interest, there maybe someone out there who will know a “lost” technique to share.

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    • All is well Don, and I do pray all is well with you too. I have been busy not only with the blog, making Bible tracts….but my family and I need masks. So… I had made quite a few. Family is large so I am still making them. Thank you very much for your encouragement Don! May our loving GOD always be with you and your loved ones! Peace! 🙂


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