2 Corinthians 10:4. Spiritual Warfare. Not just on Memorial Day, but every single day!

Hello everyone!

I do pray that you all will have a blessed Memorial Day. This day and every single day forward we all need to pray for the entire world. For there is a battle going on with the peoples of the earth until the return of our beloved savior JESUS Christ!

We as a people have this holiday to give respect to the many who gave there life in war, which is part of this spiritual warfare that we people go through. It is ones son or daughter who has taken up the battle to be in the military and fight for freedom. Many of my people in my family has been in the military on all levels , branches and divisions. The Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines. Yes! Pulling through it ad making it back home too. Some may not coming back as how they left to fight. But GOD did bring them home.

But I tell you, the Spiritual Warfare is a perpetual battle of good and evil that is continuous because the devil is relentless to capture and steal souls. And this is one of the reason there are wars between mankind. No woman I know of wants to see their child die in battle. Be it the territories on the earth that have developed with people or this spiritual warfare. It is awful and mean to one human to another.

When we do not focus our attention on GOD, it could take one second or less to be distracted by the devil. He will use those who are not saved to tempt you or distract you taking you off of the narrow path of righteousness. Distraction is one element against us.

For if we are weak in our faith, the devil who hates all of mankind, including the ones he uses to cause harm to other people to battle against each other. Causing all kinds of strife, envy, hate a FATHER GOD and HIS son JESUS too. The devil knows that with faith in GOD, staying on the narrow path of righteousness, following/obeying GODS laws and having a loving communication with GOD is what is good.

The devil got kicked out of heaven trying to take over GOD’s heaven by doing what he wanted. And what you see people doing that do not love or believe in GOD or JESUS…is evil. The same bad habits and evil that got satan kicked out of heaven. Those who have turned their back on GOD’s laws, doing things their way, compromising their faith or just saying they do not believe in GOD or doing satans will. NOT GOD’s.

So, if one wants to get into heaven, why would one do what the devil has done to get kicked out?

See this is part of the spiritual warfare to have those with no faith or those who are weak in faith confused and lied to about our ever loving GOD and JESUS. Trying to keep many chained as a prisoner of war in sin.

You do not want that, you want to know you are loved by the creator FATHER GOD, You want to be able to see HIS face , be with JESUS and know what pure and perfect love is. And to let JESUS cut those chains of being a prisoner of a sinful war here on earth. So you will have freedom and peace in heaven.

The ways of war will have the agenda to rid the Bible from ever being read or being allowed even in your home. Prayer was taken out of the schools back in 1962. Have you heard that there was a time there was prayer in public schools? Read the google search below.

“The U.S. Supreme Court banned school-sponsored prayer in public schools in a 1962 decision, saying that it violated the First Amendment. But students are allowed to meet and pray on school grounds as long as they do so privately and don’t try to force others to do the same.Jan 16, 2020
Trump Reinforces Protections For Student Prayer In Schools …

And the decline of morals followed. And will continue to follow. Taking the children of those those who do not come from a home where JESUS lives as hostage ever since. And making those who do, have to deal with a spiritual war with other children who are lost with no faith in GOD.

Teachers too who are not Bible lead cause issues. I have had my fill of those when I was a child, they seemed like demons who as soon as I came into a room they began to “HISS” like a snake! So in my mind I knew to stay away from them, for they were not on team JESUS!

Let the example that our beloved JESUS showed us in the Bible to follow as how HE got the devil off of HIS back. In Matthew 4:10 it reads:

Matthew 4:10

“Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.”

King James Version (KJV)

So as you go about your day today, remember who you are. A child of the king, saved by HIS grace of salvation by our beloved JESUS Christ! Look to JESUS for power to be strong against the temptations of the devil at all times. As you pay respect to those many people who fought in the military, remember the ONE, our JESUS Christ who fought for us all!

Be untied in the power faith in prayer no matter where or who you are for GOD is everywhere you are! Picture credit from https://hannahscupboard.com/soldiers-prayer/

Peace and blessings!!!


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