1 Timothy 2:12..”But I suffer not a woman to teach…”

9In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; 10But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 11Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13For Adam was first formed, then Eve. 14And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

Hello everyone!

I do hope all is well with you as we head off to a new month! March is this Monday coming and now is the time when we who grow our food get ready to plant a new crop! Yay!

I need to share something with you all. And this something that I have seen happening through the years as becoming a trend in churches. I do not see where it is biblically correct. And it seems to be based on what some women feel they are called to do. ( I will say why would GOD go against HIS word? ) I have discussed this with more than one Pastor, and they all will have the same scripture to back up what they were saying. It is not written in the word that women should take male roles in the churches and be leaders over the men,

If you do not have time to read all I have written, please listen to Pastor David Lynn. He is expressing my thoughts exactly from what I have learned growing up.

Pastor David Lynn is talking about leadership roles.

Our FATHER GOD designed men with the roles HE has made for men to do. They are to Honor GOD and obey GOD in all that they do be it in the home or in the church. They are not to take up the roles that women are made to do. Physically men are stronger and built for strength, for they need to do the heavy work and defend his wife , kids and home.

Women have roles in the church too. But they are the nurturing ones that GOD has assigned women to do, bare children, nurture them, care for them and keep the house organized and in order for the family. Along with also putting GOD in all that they do as well.

Men can not do both of being the defender of the home and take care of the children. It is not cool to take your baby out into the battle field with him. Or the wife pregnant and in the battlefield stopping to give birth. And the whole war stops until the baby is born and she is back up on her feet. All it amounts to is confusion.

It is not right.

Men and women are differently vessels that were made to do a job or assignment by GOD. The bible is very plain about that and there is no change in the commandments or sins that GOD has told us about from the Bible in the old or new testament that I am aware of. He did not like same sex unions or attractions before Christ JESUS was born and HE still does not. So there is not change in our GOD. We would not want GOD to change HIS mind about a second chance in getting into heaven and say….well even though I sent JESUS…..if you sinned at any level YOU STILL CANNOT GET INTO MY HEAVEN. YOU WILL DIE AND BE SENT TO HELL ANYWAY. DEAL WITH IT… Bammm!!!!And then the gates of heaven are shut on you.

That would be a sad thing.

And this is why I have concerns about this trend of female pastors. That was not as noticeable as it was in the 1990’s as it is now. And not only are there so many, but many have claimed to be homosexual as well. And that is two defiant issues right there to deal with.

Not good, those issues are not right. These two issues show me that theses women are changing the word in the BIBLE around to suit their own needs and to lead in a mans role.

Yes there are roles in the church for women to do. And these are as important as the men’s roles, simply because men are men and women are women.

Women should not serve as pastors , and the New Testament also calls overseers or elders. In the New Testament that the terms pastor, overseer, and elder refer to the same office

Acts 20:17

“And from Miletus he sent to Ephesus, and called the elders of the church.”

King James Version (KJV)

Titus 1:5

“For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee:”

King James Version (KJV)

1 Peter 5:1

“The elders which are among you I exhort, who am also an elder, and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed:”

King James Version (KJV)

Photo from : https://truediscipleship.com/why-women-should-not-be-pastors-3/. Some very good points were made here at this site as to why women should not be pastors.
Picture from https://www.christianity.com/wiki/church/should-women-be-pastors.html Again there is plenty to back up as to why women should not be pastors here.


1. A shepherd; one that has the care of flocks and herds.

2. A minister of the gospel who has the charge of a church and congregation, whose duty is to watch over the people of his charge, and instruct them in the sacred doctrines of the Christian religion.


1. Properly, a chief servant; hence, an agent appointed to transact or manage business under the authority of another; in which sense, it is a word of very extensive application.

Moses rose up and his minister Joshua. Ex.24.

2. One to whom a king or prince entrusts the direction of affairs of state; as minister of state; the prime minister. In modern governments, the secretaries or heads of the several departments or branches of government are the ministers of the chief magistrate.

For he is the minister of God to thee for good. Rom.13.

3. One who serves at the altar; one who performs sacerdotal duties; the pastor of a church, duly authorized or licensed to preach the gospel and administer the sacraments. Eph.3.

4. Christ is called a minister of the sanctuary. Heb.8.


1. A man who officiates in sacred offices. Among pagans, priests were persons whose appropriate business was to offer sacrifices and perform other sacred rites of religion. In primitive ages, the fathers of families, princes and kings were priests. Thus Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Melchizedek, Job, Isaac and Jacob offered their own sacrifices. In the days of Moses, the office of priest was restricted to the tribe of Levi, and the priesthood consisted of three orders, the high priest, the priests, and the Levites, and the office was made hereditary in the family of Aaron.

Every priest taken from among men is ordained for men in things pertaining to God, that he may offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins. Heb.5.


1. One that foretells future events; a predicter; a foreteller.

2. In Scripture, a person illuminated, inspired or instructed by God to announce future events; as Moses, Elijah, David, Isaiah, &c.

3. An interpreter; one that explains or communicates sentiments. Ex.7.

4. One who pretends to foretell; an imposter; as a false prophet. Acts 13.

of the prophets, among the Israelites, a school or college in which young men were educated and qualified for public teachers. These students were called sons of the prophets.


PROPH’ETESS, n. A female prophet; a woman who foretells future events, as Miriam, Huldah, Anna, &c. Ex.15. Judg.4. Luke 2.


EVAN’GELIST, n. A writer of the history, or doctrines, precepts, actions, life and death of our blessed Savior, Jesus Christ; as the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

1. A preacher or publisher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, licensed to preach, but not having charge of a particular church.


1. A learner; a scholar; one who receives or professes to receive instruction from another; as the disciples of Plato.

2. A follower; an adherent to the doctrines of another. Hence the constant attendants of Christ were called his disciples; and hence all Christians are called his disciples, as they profess to learn and receive his doctrines and precepts.

1. To teach; to train, or bring up.

2. To make disciples of; to convert to doctrines or principles.

This authority he employed in sending missionaries to disciple all nations.

I know this is a lot of information to read, but this is very important as to know the word and realize the confusion that is going on in the Churches of today. We simply can not do what ever we want in this world by ignoring GODS will. For Eve was disobedient wanting to taste the forbidden fruit, and then gave it to her husband. This is why women can not lead over men. Period.

With the exception of a woman hiring a man to work for her in her own business, then maybe this is cool from what I have read. But when it comes to what GODS has planned and wants things done, I would not change it. Nope, we all need to listen to our FATHER GOD.

I am content to be called a disciple of our LORD JESUS CHRIST as a woman. And I am so honored to do so if the LORD GOD see fit. I do not want to do any roles that a man has to do in the Church or home. I am content because I know GOD will be pleased with me when I listen and learn. So I am in my comfort zone as a GODLY woman.

Study the word. If you are going to a Church that is NOT doing GODS will then leave it. You will be led in that Church to be against GOD’s will even if you know or not that they are doing it. So what is it the point. The main reason I see for attending Church is to fellowship with all members, learn about the word from the Church male elders, male leaders to teach about GOD and HIS son JESUS, GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST and to save souls from eternal damnation in GODS way. JESUS is the only way into our FATHER GODS heaven. Do not let the devil get a toe hold into your life ever.



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