Church Ushers

Hello everyone,

I want to share something with you I remember as a child growing up in our family church. The Ushers. Thy were so polite, neat and well dressed. Pretty much like the pictures you see here.

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They would always show you to a good seat. Never anything in the back unless YOU asked to sit there.

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If by chance you needed any assistance they would do their best to give you some help. If a person needed a drink of water because they were feeling ill….they would get it to them asap!

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They had hand signals that I was unaware of what they were doing at the time too.

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Oh yeah, and they had on the whitest gloves I have ever seen too.

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The grand walk they did at the end of service , was awesome. I reminded of a movie where you would see people who were let into heaven walking in there humbly and happy dressed in white to greet our beloved GOD.

Get ready for JESUS so we all can do a grand humble walk into heaven and have eternal peace!

Many Blessings!

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