Urgent warning!! GOD showed this man the judgment day!



This is about forgiveness. It is from YOUTUBE’s  “Living for Christ’s” channel. There are a lot of videos that have dreams about visions and dreams. I happen to listen to what and how this man was saying what was going on. For it is true we all need to forgive.

It is a very hard this to do id you are prideful, or selfish, or feel that you are always right.  If you were hurt and stayed angry with someone and continue to hold onto the anger at the same level as it had just happened.

Let it go.

Let go of the anger these people have given you so you will get into heaven because GOD will forgive you.

Pray over it, for many times you will not be able to if they died and you didn’t get a chance to clear things up.

You want GOD to forgive you of all of the sins you have done, so you had better think about all of the people that have hurt you that you need to forgive.

Let go of the hate, the anger, and pride and forgive.


Acts_4-12 (1)

For how can our beloved FATHER in heaven for give us if we do not share the same heart of forgiveness towards others if we are not doing what our beloved FATHER in heaven would do for us?

Share this message to all you know so that they will do the same. We all need to check ourselves every day. Pray. Repent. And have peace.


Have a blessed day in the LORD GOD!