Texting in the chapel.

Picture from; https://www.nwcatholic.org/news/national/texting-in-church.html

Good day, afternoon, and evening to you all. I do hope that you all will have a blessed day no matter where you will be on GOD’s earth!

I want to share something with you all. I have a chapel in the building where I work. And on my break, I sometimes go there to get comfort from GOD or pray.

When going into the Chapel this day, two women I work with were in there….texting. it is their business what they do. But when your heart is not right it shows. See, some people who do not have a Bible will use there phone to look up scripture. But this was not the case here for it was very obvious as to what they were doing.

As soon as I came into the small chapel, they rolled their eyes looking at me and with an attitude left. The JESUS in me chased them out without me even saying one word! LOL!!!

I proceeded to get on my knees and did what I needed to do.

Coming back into the office, one complained to another one of her friends that I came into the Chapel. So that I would know exactly what she thought about me interrupting what she and her friend was doing.

I don’t care what she thought. I do care what GOD thinks about me, for it is HIS heaven I want to be in for all of eternity as how GOD sees fit.

They were not in the church because they love GOD. They were in there doing their own thing that had nothing to do with GOD and giving HIM worship.

The fact that when I came into the chapel, and they glared at me wasn’t right by GOD’s ways. These women do not share a loving Jesus heart.

We all need to step back and think about what we are doing in our lives.When we see a person we are angry with for no reason wanting to worship, in the chapel to seeking GOD and HIS divine comfort.

GOD so awesome and forgiving. If either of these people decided to repent and seek after GOD and HIS son JESUS , they would listen to the person.

GOD and JESUS would not have a cell phone in their hands distracting them from listening to their prayers or mine , or yours in need of help or comfort.

Share this blog post and let others get a blessing too from it and some peace. There are always similar situations in life we all share with those who are unsaved and do not want anything to do with GOD in heaven and all of us who do sincerely love HIM.

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