M.J. Davis , actress, author,artist and Mother.

Ms. M.J. Davis

This blog is about my Mom M.J. Davis and her acting , singing, and writing career up to 2019.

My Mom is a wonderful woman who has always looked after me. A praying woman, who believes in GOD and has taught me to do the same!

My Mom is also talented who can sew, draw fashions, sing and has made a record that she wrote herself called “I count the hours”.

See when you have parents who believe in GOD and love HIM as she does, you learn from what you see them do. How they handle life with faith as mine has. Of course my Mom got the power of prayer through her Mother and my beloved Grandmother. So it was all good, enjoying going to Church and praising the LORD with other people who were like family!

I want to share with you her desire to sing mostly. She has a smooth vocal voice as she did when I was I child right now. She loved the creative arts as well as the conventional job she had doing computer work. My Grandmother told her, you are best to have a back up plan and totally depend on the movie industry for a steady income. You need money to make money.

mommy 2019 5

Ms. M.J. Davis is listed in the Marquis “Who’s Who in America” 2002 thru 2013. She is selected to be included in a biographical directory. She has done stage/off Broadway acting, featured films, television, writing besides “Agency Procedures; Lust and Corruption” plays such as “So Many Drops of Rain”. Magazine prints for Black publications such as Bronze Thrills, True Confessions, and more.
mommy 2019 2
So , because of the moral upbringing my Mom has she did not take the roles that would b
something that would dishonor GOD, herself and her whole family. She would have to
live with all of that through all of eternity. But she did enjoy the amount of fame she got!
My Mom Ms. Davis is in scene cut #4:41. Not very long for an extra, but she was walking
next to the lead!
Shafts 1971 opening credits on YouTube.

mommy 2019 4


I made an out fit to match the cover of my my Moms book to display at a art and craft show in New York.


mommy 2019 3

Ms. Davis has written a novel about a woman who is a Christian woman working in a
secular workplace . For those of you who are in the same scenario I am sure you
understand what it is like.  The title is exactly what happens, but this does not mean that
this is a x-rated novel.
It is just stating the facts as to what goes on as a Black woman in the corporate world.
Once you chose to read it , you will see what I mean.

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