Being rejected by other people.


John 15:18

If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.” 

King James Version (KJV)

I am sure most of us have been rejected at some point in life. And It is something that to the degree of if was to be with a person or group that you felt at the time you wanted to be accepted into. Kids go through this more than adults I feel for they are looking for other kids to play with.

You are a teen and you are not invited to the parties that secular people go to, they don.t want you around because of the lifestyle they believe to be fun because it is popular to do. Not thinking about the consequences involved with living a fast life. Your peers over look you and say rude thing to make you feel as though you are not good enough to be with them. And they are wrong, it is the other way around, they are not good enough to hang out with you because they rejected JESUS.

Bible verses about rejection at this link.

This Barbie doll meme maybe funny, but this is how secular people will treat those of us who love the LORD. In groups with sweet smiling faces they will use their numbers to pick on one person the one who loves the LORD to make them look bad as they want to look good.

But to be good all you have to do is to aim to be good. They prefer to hang on to the sin they are in, reject JESUS and you, and lie to themselves and the world about being a nice person.

It doe not work that way. GOD knows our hearts. HE made us and knows how we work inside and out.

So you know as adults it may come with a job that you may want, or think you want and you do not get. A person of love interest that you had thought would make a good spouse for you. If you are a male you pursued a woman you thought would be a good wife and proved to be ungodly 100%. Or a woman who had a male show interest in her and was giving her false intentions as to why he picked her. He may have been good-looking and charming but was out to lie and disrespect you and had no intentions on marrying you….ever. These people need JESUS and will not be a spouse for anyone, so it is excellent that GOD CLOSED THAT DOOR!

Luke 15:7

I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.” 

King James Version (KJV)

Rejection from people who are lovers of evil ways and things is a blessing! You do not need the negative nonsense that they seems to love around you ever. We as Christians are better off being with the few people we know that love the LORD, than to have hundreds of people around us  hate GOD and HIS son JESUS! They will distract you and try their best to turn you away from GOD who loves you. These people are the sons and daughters of the father of lies that dwells in and evil place.

numbers 23 2018


We all need to remember that GOD is in control. No one else. The one and only true living GOD the creator of all heaven and earth. HE wants us all to be saved to we can be called home to be with HIM and HIS beloved son JESUS for all of eternity long. This is why we need JESUS at all times in our lives.

Stay in prayer in all that you do and let GOD lead you to all of the blessings you will need in your life. Our lives are short here on this earth and we do not have to worry about those people who do not want to be with GOD and JESUS if they were told about salvation and prefer to do what they want. They will need to make that choice on their own. Just plant the seed and let GOD to the rest.

You will not have to be around these people when you are called and are in heaven either. I do not feel GOD would want anyone in heaven who does not want to be in there. So rest assured you will be purely loved and welcomes there and will have eternal peace.

Keep your comfort in the LORD and knowing that once you have accepted JESUS as savior you will have eternal peace, love and joy.

May you are get a blessing from the reading and sharing of this blog and have a joyful blessed day!


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