Ministry on wheels!


1st RV I dreamed ofOur ministry for GOD on wheels!


We have a go fund me” account called “Christian Ministry” that we are doing our best to promote.

The issues we have is that as soon as we mention what the plans to other people and what we intend to do, and are doing it is not always well received. Many people are not faithful believers and seem sceptical.  Some who are christians give no encouragement, no donations, no sharing the information with anyone who could help with donations.

See , a lot has happened since the last time I posted anything. Some things were a test of faith more than others. And I tell you if GOD was not there with me and husband we would not be here. We depend on GOD for all things, ALL things! He pulled us up so we can get going on HIS ministry.

GOD pulled my husband through his temporary sickness and gave him a new life of good health! He was THAT sick were we thought him to pass on to JESUS because of it. He had asked me not to mention what it was, but a simple procedure made him well with GOD leading the doctors as to what had to be done.

2004 rv 2


I had a dream about a white RV. I was not those that are as big or bigger than a tour bus. It was this size of RV in the 1st picture. So when we saw that one I was shocked as to find out that it was for sale! Not nearly as expensive as the ones I have been seeing before at $95,000. These two are under $4,000. A big difference for the fund-raiser. Still not able to afford them yet. I mean Yet. For I know GOD will make a way for us to o this. There on this RV I can make things to give to people from cards, dolls, small scarfs….drawings anything that will encourage them to follow JESUS right there in the RV!

We could travel to Senior Citizen centers to sing for them and give them little gifts too that will make them smile and know they care loved by GOD. Children too in hospitals. Where ever GOD will lead us.

2004 rv


I know there are many out there that are not truthful in what they are going to do with the money. And many will say they are not like that. You will have to pray over this for your self and let GOD put it upon your heart if this is what you need to do.

Recently I have had a dream about an RV similar to the one that is pictured here in this post. Same color and style. My husband and I want to have a singing ministry and travel about where we are led by FATHER  GOD to get to and give praise to GOD. GOD having us to travel to places HE called us to go to.

We have puppets we have accumulated through time, and some will need some adjustments to them to make things work. Testing out video and voice with just a camera phone, making the voice for the puppets.

These are all old puppets that we have re-named, one was given to us we call “B.J”. who is the first one we got.

BJ the puppet

Some of you may have had one of these as a kid after I researched to see what kind of puppet it was. But that is okay as long as we can get the word out. A lot of these puppets need the mouth to open and close correctly and have a new rubber band inside of its head some how. I was able to fix one, but they all don’t have the rubber band in it the same way.

So I am working on that. I am hoping to get some shoes for them all. Most puppets are very expensive to buy and over $200.00 for some really well made ones with the device in them to make the eyes move to give expressions. We don’t need those right now. We will work with what we have.

Puppet family for ministry

As we progress along I will continue to post with GODS help. For 2017 was so hectic I barely had time to sleep. Each one of these puppets can be made useable and we will have he puppet ministry in no time.



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