I love you Father GOD!!!




Deuteronomy 6:5

“And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”

Father GOD I give you the praise and honor and love from all of my heart mind and soul, at all times. For with you and your beloved son JESUS whom I claim as my savior are my total comfort zone.

With you Father GOD do I trust in to get through each day of life that you have given me to make it through this world. You are the positive force in my life in this negative ways of the world. For with you Father GOD is my pure joy!

No one thing on this earth will give me the pure love and joy on this earth because of how much I know that you love me. Your love is perfect beyond measure!

For with your perfect love, the sending of your beloved son JESUS on this earth. To save the lives of all of mankind from the sins we all have done. To the sacrifice your beloved obedient son to save all of mankind is so far beyond the understanding that we mankind can ever comprehend!

Bless you FATHER GOD at all times now and through all of eternity long!!! I seek to be with you Father GOD when my time is up on this earth. To see your face, to hear Jesus say “Job well done” at the gates of heaven will be the sweetest thing I will ever hear. To be able to see you and your son in heaven, to live there for all of eternity long is the best “praise party” to ever be invited to!

So many trials I have been through in my life and by your grace I was pulled right through them all!  I thank you for saving me and blessing me so. My trust is with you Father GOD, for when I cry out to you with the tears in my eyes you know what I feel. I can not hide my feelings from you for you do know my heart.

I thank you Father GOD for your son Jesus, and sending him as the “key” to heavens gate. For I know as I live here on earth a place is made for me and all of mankind who have Jesus as their savior! What peace! What joy! What love! All from you and all that you do!

Praise and glory be to you dear beloved Father GOD at all times now and forever more to and though all of eternity long!

I love you dear Father GOD with all of my heart mind soul and strength!

love the lord 2018

Verses about loving GOD at this link. I just had to praise GOD alone today. For He gives me encouragement when I truly do need it and I know He will do the same for you as well. GOD is so good. I can not express enough how grateful I am to have Jesus as the savior of my soul. Here are some verses about loving GOD at this link below.


May you all receive a blessing for the reading of this post and all of my posts in this blog. Be encouraged at all times and stay in prayer, do not let the evil one distract you from the LORD.



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