Loved ones that have crossed over.


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Knowing the loss of loved ones from since I was a child growing up is not what we expect at any time. From my beloved Grandmother, Aunt, and even kids I played with have died that lived in the house next door to mine. One day we were playing one day and then there was a fire that captured them and took their life the next.

We all have known grief and sorrow at some point, even with those of us who have pets. They gave you unconditional love and joy while they where with you. And you can miss them and feel loss too, for you loved them just as much. And these pets will love you more than some people. Our pets are apart of our family.

The only way how to get comfort is in the LORD. I can not explain how many times I have had to talk to GOD and JESUS to pull me through all of the things I have gone through with the loss of loved ones. It is an awful experience to be in.  You really do feel a loss.

You think about those who were not saved, (to your understanding) if they made it into heaven. You saw no evidence of being saved while they were alive and around you. I tell you this is not something you need to worry about now for they are in the hands of the LORD. No matter at what level of faith you have assumed them to be in. Let GOD be in charge of that.

I can not include our pets, ( have lost a good dog named Cody 5 years ago and still miss him) for I can not find anything in the Bible where it says they will be there with us.

There are people who will get saved on their death-bed. They are able to talk to the LORD and find the peace that they need right then and there. Babies and children are so innocent that they maybe in heaven with the FATHER GOD right now if we read the scripture and understand it correctly.

Matthew 18:10

Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.

Here is more verses about children going to heaven and finding some peace with it.

You will always miss your loved ones, no matter how many years have gone by. Love does not die. We may not like the fact that they are gone, but they are in a better place and we don’t have the right to be selfish to keep them from going to heaven where they have peace.

On judgment day we will know exactly what true peace and joy is when we all get there that love from the LORD. Those of us that are left behind and are still living, should aim our best to be with the LORD when it is our time. For those that have gone before us and are saved WILL be there and we will see them again. Waiting for us to come home.

There are people who did not walk the path of faith and was very ill and about to die that got saved through accepting JESUS as their savior minutes before going home. Living a confused, mislead secular life. Not truly happy in life until they came to JESUS. You can read about some here at this site below.

Washed Testimonies.

On this site there are many people who have crossed over into the lane of righteousness! It is not an easy thing to do when you were lied to by the devil that you are too bad to change, or that you will never be forgiven of your sins. But then, you see this is a lie because our dear LORD JESUS came to save us ALL who believe in Him. Click on to this link to see who has claimed JESUS as their savior!

All this is to say, don’t give up the thought that the people you loved that have died is NOT saved. You can not be for certain as to what relationship loved one had with JESUS. You really don’t know for sure. Live your life to be with the LORD faithfully and be prepared for all of the blessings that GOD will give to you for your obedience to HIS laws.

I do not know if our pets will be included in heaven or not. We will have to wait for when we get there. I do not see anywhere in scripture to my understanding that they will be sharing paradise with us. We will not be in the flesh as we are right now, and the flesh wants one thing when the soul need another road such as heaven. I found some information on our pets going to heaven here at this site.



Picture from stories

Bible “Do dogs go to heaven?”

The site brings up some good points. Always have your Bible with you to refer to anything you read. Including what you read on my posts as well. We all need to see the scripture for ourselves to gain understanding and right with our GOD.

When you think about all of the nonsense of this world, find comfort in GODS love that HE expresses so lovingly in the Bible. GOD does not lie. HE is comforting in all of HS truths, laws and ways. We need HIM to keep afloat and stead fast to HIS gates of heaven. We are only here on this earth for a short time. We will be with our loved ones when it is our time as when GOD says so.


Picture from

James 4:14

“Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

Tell your family and friends everyday, every time you are with them that you love them. Say good night to those whom you work with to leave on a good note until you meet up with them the next day. For you do not know when the LORD will call you home or them.

You want the LORD JESUS to say to you when you are standing at heavens gate. “Job well done my true and faithful servant! Come on in!”


May there be a blessing to the reader of this post and all of the other posts in this blog. And for those who share it to encourage others and give them some peace in their loss.





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