Team JESUS! The winning team!

Team JESUS emblem 2018

I like to watch sports at times on TV. And I will see many people enjoying them as I watch sports with my husband. I see how happy, joyful, and faithful to the team they favor. They will stick by the team through and through. Will be ready to defend the teams they are on and will break up relationships too if they feel they are offending the their team. Such as with people who want to date others who like the same football team they are on only.

Wearing the team colors openly. Be it with the teams colors are in a uniform or just painting their faces. They will proudly stand in front of a camera and boast about the team and be loud. They will know all of the players, the score and plays made ,and the events that happened in past games. Really devoted fans.

The stadium will be packed in all kinds of weather, with a good chance of getting sick from sitting outside in the rain, cold or snow fall!eagles-fans-snowbowl-

But in this type devotion I GENERALLY do not see with a lot of people who say they believe in GOD. I wonder if these same people would go through all of that , to hear a pastor like Billy Graham or TD Jakes? If they knew that coming there in the same arena GOD would put the words into the pastors mouths that will lead them to salvation? I know that if the weather is bad enough those pastors would not want people to get sick or hurt, so they may through GODS wisdom have to postpone the event.

When I go into church there are some empty seats there, not always packed. When I was a child it was hard to find a good seat to hear the Pastor give his sermon. Elbow to elbow we all sat. Some had to go into the balcony if they were late. And we had to line up early outside of the church to get a good seat. I miss when church was like this. In the last ten years or more, things really started taking a nose dive in attendance.

Faith is strong with many in the worldly things of mankind. Pushing GOD aside unless they need HIM for something, like they are sick and don’t want to die, or they need money, or a mate. Otherwise putting GOD in the back pocket or rear burner. Using HIM as a tool. Not good. And GOD knows our hearts, so HE knows what we are doing and thinking.

No one want to feel like they are used, or taken advantage of. I just feel this is what we maybe doing if we know it or not and need to think about what we are doing. When you are in a good relationship with a person, you do not want to have the feeling they will be around you when they need you for something. Or call on you only when they need money or want something else.

You want a real relationship and bond. You want to be loved and respected as how you do for the people in your life. And this is what I feel is important about the relationship we all do need with GOD and HIS beloved son JESUS!

You want to know you are on the same page, same team as the person or persons you are in a relationship with. The only team I know that works for me is #TEAMJESUS! You have everyone righteous on your side and aiming to reach the same GOAL. (pardon the pun, there maybe more on the way!) You all read the same rule book, the Bible. You know who took the hit for the TEAM and this is our LORD and savior #KINGJESUS!

JESUS was not ashamed to do all that he could to save all of mankind from the sins we all have done our whole lives long. JESUS is the one and only son of the true living GOD, and He obeyed GOD and did HIS will here on earth! All that JESUS did was in love to save us from losing to the opposing team (satan) of the lost and unsaved heading to total destruction.

Be not ashamed of the gospel, be proud to say that you are on #TEAMJESUS!

Rock is on team JESUS 2018

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson did so, and so can we all. He posted this on his twitter account.

When I see people who are well-known doing this I have a new respect for them. Faith is very important to have in the fallen world. If you become successful with JESUS leading you give praise to GOD. It is a good thing , it will encourage others too who do like to follow sports. Let them know this person has JESUS in their life.

Romans 1:16

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”

If we are not on the same loving team as JESUS, then what. You can do all you want and need to do here on this earth with saying negative things about JESUS, denying HE has ever existed, not forming a positive relationship with JESUS all you want. But, then too do not be surprised when on the time when we are all on bended knee on that day of judgement what JESUS will say to you.

Matthew 7:22

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?


Think about all of the people you love right now who push GOD and HIS son JESUS aside. It is sad, for you know they are not on the same team. Pray for them and all who have turned away from GOD and HIS beloved son JESUS. Get them drafted into the team through being a prayer warrior and keeping your faith strong. They need GOD and JESUS too.

May you reieve a blessing for the reading of this word, and to share it with others as well. Have a blessed day in the LORD!