Matthew 22:39 , Love thy neighbour


This picture is on the internet on many sites, not sure where it came from and it could be years old. But it appears that this man is giving a woman his shoes off of his feet. I stared at this for some time. You can not believe every single thing that you see at times off of the internet and believe it to be true.

But what I see here being positive and a woman who loves GOD and have accepted JESUS as the savior of my very soul….this touched me. Giving the shoes off of his feet to her and she stood there crying. His heart is in the right place.

Matthew 22:39

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

This is what this picture is expressing to me. To have more concern for others than your self when you see someone suffering.

And the next thing I see is that the man is white, helping a woman of color. Not thought of the color issue there. Just trying to help a fellow human being because you see a need. A JESUS heart with good intentions to it.

This thing about race, color, stereotypes, hate, confusion is all not of GOD and how he wants us to behave. Seeing that GOD is in charge of heaven and if you are a true Christian you do not let hate and evil confuse you in how you feel people the best way you know how before GOD.

It is GODS heaven we seek to get into. Not the way how the world says we get into heaven. We do not get in there by doing good deeds like as though to pay our way in. It is through his only begotten loving son JESUS. Period. You can not use your color as a ticket to get in either. I have seen people say if they are one color then the others are not getting in.

I did mention JESUS is the key and the way into heaven. Not how much money you have, not how many hail Marys, not doing a good deed a day, not by just going to church and praising GOD without a while heart, not by just saying you believe in GOD, not because you say you are a Christian or by picking and choosing what you want from the Bible to suit your needs and lifestyle. You can not change the Bible. It is what it is.

This thing that is racism is evil and not f GOD. And some people of faith have it when they talk about people outside their color circle. They assume Black people are cursed for looking the way we do with darker skin than theirs or any people of color who are even one drop darker than thiers.  The Bible is very clear who are the first people to walk the earth and explains it. Their is not need to make up things to give false feelings of superiority Black or White. When we get into heaven we will all be the same color there because of the healing and love we will have in our hearts and minds. We will be unified in faith and the love of GOD and acceptance of JESUS as our savior!

We need to get along here on this earth right now. As of with the next breath we take. We can not take any nonsense with us to the grave. Just get over it and move on, stay in prayer and do what it says in Matthew 22:37 as well. For we do serve a loving GOD who loves us more than we can ever understand.

JESUS came to earth as a man, to save all of mankind. ALL of mankind kind, not just the people within your “circle” of friends and relatives. All mankind across the whole world.

Matthew 22:37

“Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Kids of different colors

When kids are really little they are not aware that you are so different when they are playing together. They just see another child to play with, someone little like them. They see each other as the same, one child to another amongst al of the grown ups around.  Even there is not a concern with gender either, you know there is a difference but it is not in a negative mindset. It is like oh they dress and look like that because they are boys.

So all is good when you are playing and having fun with a pure heart as a child. Making friends and sad to leave them and happy to see them when you do.

But then when you get older things happen. Some adult will come along who has no pure innocent heart and dirty the minds of some children with the color nonsense, those people are like this or that. Showing divisions and mindsets, building up walls of negative thoughts about people they do not even know.

What happened to the pure and innocent heart? Gone with the corrupted disease of hate whispered into the ears of the children when they are at the age of when they can understand and reason better at the age of 7 before it is too late and they have their own way of thinking.

2 little boys 2017


2 toddlers in the sand 2017


I see the adults with the problems making the babies suffer. Teaching them to turn away from what JESUS was trying to tell us all. All kids are doing is thinking about innocent play. They are not born with hate, they are taught that.

Matthew 19:14King James Version (KJV)

14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

If we are to teach our children about the word, let us do this right by how GOD wants it done as it is written in the word of the Holy Bible. Not of the world, for when JESUS returns the world will be done and gone as how we know it to be right now.

JESUS is forever and will return at any given time, you don’t even want to be responsible for teaching your child to hate others. It is not a good thing. We all will have to answer to JESUS as to the things we did, said and thought. All of us. Let our children learn to follow the steps of JESUS so they will be right there I heaven with GOD, JESUS all of the angels and our loved ones before us.

Praise GOD and have a blessed day.




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