Racial fetishism and stereotypes in 2017.

black woman white man married to each other 2017


Growing up in downstate new York there were many people in my life who were good friends that were not black. Latino, Chinese, Polish, Jamiacan, and Cuban. And that was cool, but as a child you really didn’t notice your friend to be different as long as you saw eye to eye on GOD we all believed in HIM, playing outside in the fresh air, had the same taste in toys , clothes and food.  Being close in age was another thing we had in common. And we were in the age group of being too young to date and never wanted to. Life was real good as a child.

Our Moms were all good cooks and we would share our food with each other when we came outside, had the same kind of dolls in different colors, liked to watch the same kind of tv shows and did not like certain subjects in school like math! LOL!

All was good being a kid back then. No worries with Mommy, Daddy, Grandmas cousins and other relatives looking out for us all. No worries, just needed time to play.

But we got older and we met new people in school who were not raised in the same mindset as we were. They came from other places, as we had learned when we were in school at an older age what they were like then too. I suppose that was around puberty. And is when things started to get a bit mean.

The racial crazies was something that seemed so evil. Things would pop out of a persons mouth that like they were going insane with anger or just calmly saying something that was stereotypical of what the conditioning that happens when people make things up to keep things divided from human kind to another.

Then you learn the hate that comes from people like that, and not all white people are this way because if you played with white kids as a child…you already know this. They were the cool ones. And these are the ones that will stick up for you no matter what. I had 3 growing up that is like this to this day.

When we decided to date, we first and foremost wanted a mate that would pray with us and go to church with us. We wanted our children to attend church and for all of us to pray in the household and live as how GOD wanted us to live as a family who loves GOD. A family that has JESUS as their savior and wants to do what is right by GOD at all times as best as we could. We know that people can not, so we have the faith that JESUS saved all mankind from the sins we have done in our whole life. I did forget to mention that as kids we even played church because we loved church so much.

See when we dated people outside of our cultures they had to be on the same page on faith and to be equally yoked. This is very important, because there will be confusion in the household if there is no union of equal faith. So color is not the issue. Faith and the love of GOD and HIS son is.

Faith is at all times first. Because no man or woman should come between a married couple, ever. That includes friends, family and the inLaws. It is not right in the eyes of GOD, it is written that the spouse will cling  to each other. Genesis 2:24.

When people these days in time see people who are married or dating to be married , there are still some people out there that see it as a fetish. It is simply a union between a natural man and a natural woman. No other nonsense, because these people are people who still to this day and time in the year 2017 who are caught in a stereotypical mindset. Racial fetishism is wrong and disrespectful. It is not a GODLY way of looking at things if you think that people of color are to be used as entertainment for sexual pleasures.

Racial fetishism


When you see a mixed culture couple, don’t assume. When you see a same culture couple, don’t assume. It maybe better not to mind their business if you feel you don’t understand why they are together by nit saying anything.

Being in a mixed culture marriage I get the confused people making odd statement of stereotypical judgements when we are out. We can be standing talking to each other and someone will come up and interject their opinion on what we are talking about.

White men who have seen me with my husband will flirt and get in my way assuming I would have and interest in them because they have seen us together. Women will come up and talk to my husband as though I am not there, ignoring me starting a conversation. And glare at me if I say something to my husband.

When we are grocery shopping and are putting our items on the counter, the cashier will ask if this is the same order and to add this together. Or to ask once the items are added up look at me and ask or a EBT card. Also when we were putting our groceries in our car, some people who were parked next to us in the parking lot blurted out…”Oh they must be living together!” As though we were living in sin, and my husband and are not legally married . But we are in the eyes of GOD and on paper. Such  narrow-mindedness some people have!

I understand those EBT cards are for people who have DSS accounts. So you can tell just how twisted the thinking is when it comes to people who are not open-minded. And when my husband pays for it and they do not see that card…a look of surprise comes over them.

Black people do this as well, black men will even have a white woman and will assume the same thing. No matter how well dressed we are and they are not, they will assume I am being kept. With the white woman right next to him looking on. Other black women in the same type relationship as mine really don’t stare or anything they are paying attention to the man they are with and their kids.

I read this article. It is not very nice how people treat each other in regards to just not treating people different from you as a toy to put is mildly. http://hellogiggles.com/fetishization-black-women/

The whole point to this was to say that if you are stuck in the mindset of seeing people color and judging them by that alone over what someone was using as propaganda to make people other than your kind to look bad and your kind to look better.

We all need to stop it. We all need to live in peace and enjoy our lives with the ones we love and want to spend our lives with.

Peace and blessings.

Mark 12:31

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.