Mighty GOD, Mighty Blessings! Philippians 4:19 KJV

Philippians 4:19

“But my GOD shall supply all your need, according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus”

Hello and blessings to the reader of GODS word, and for all who do truly seek after Christ to be saved! For true joy and love is in the LORD GOD and accepting HIS son JESUS as their savior of their very soul!

I need to share this with anyone who needs to be encouraged and to know that GOD is real! And did send His only begotten son Jesus here to walk on this earth to save all of mankind from all from the sins we have done our whole life long.

My husband and I were traveling along doing our errands when the vehicle we were driving lost control of the 4 wheel drive system. It would not shift from out of the 4wd even by backing it up and going forward several times. So we needed help in getting home!

My Husband turns to me and says…”We are going to need your prayers on this one hun….it will not shift out of 4 wheel drive and it will tear up the vehicle if try to drive it home as it is..!” My husband is a praying man, but we both know the power of prayer. He was very annoyed with the vehicle and was going about to see if anyone that was around could give him some quick and help. But immediately after my husband said to pray, I called on JESUS even before I called the car insurance people who did send out a tow truck which did arrive a few minutes later.

As we were waiting a nice young man (He has a name of a good man from the Bible too!) who was on leave as it turns out from the Army. He lived a few houses down and it just so happened that he saw our flashers on as he was driving and stopped to see if he could help. He did , told us how to fix the 4wd which was a simple thing of an unattached wire that could be reattached! But we still had to have that tow to pick us up to fix it at home. In the meantime we talked about the LORD and salvation as waited for the tow truck to arrive. It was all good, it feels good to talk to other people who love the LORD in these days and times!

That was blessing number one kicking in right there!

Then like even 2 minutes after that while the neighbor stayed with us until the tow truck came mind you….there came the next blessing of a nice smiling young who drove the tow truck. He was very polite and came on time and we talked about the LORD with him too. He gave us a chance to have a good time sharing what we knew all about faith with each other and encouraging him to get a KJV Bible. We feel it is the bet interpretation of the Holy Word because of the least amount of translations that have gone on through the years.

That was blessing number two.

Once we got the vehicle towed home and parked the tow truck driver wanted to buy an old tool of my husbands that was mentioned in our conversation he was not using! Praise GOD another blessing came from this 4wd incident as well! It was just a few more dollars we needed to get by. See what I am saying here….what we needed? He was so cool of a person, always smiling. Just a good thing to see a smiling face in this world, a smile from someone whose smile is what they are really feeling not making it up.

That was blessing number three this day!

A neighbor came by, and had a conversation with my husband about the truck. My husband did not call him or anything. Just so happened he knew how to fix the 4wd by listening and looking to see what was wrong. He was the one who did fix the gears on the truck for NOTHING. And with after that, my husband found out that he was saved too!

Blessing number four!

Upon then having to get some groceries….I have been looking for these crackers for sometime. I even GOOGLED it to see where I could get themcheez it sandwich crackers 2017

I found them! They are the sandwich style crackers I will use for lunch time with some tomato soup! I love Cheez-its! See even a blessing like this too, and GOD will keep them coming for me and you as well. Just believe. Leave that worldly nonsense alone so you can enjoy the life that GOD has given you!

Oh praise GOD, these people came by when we needed them. Prayer is the key to all issues one may have. Someone that is reading this maybe going through something where you feel I do not understand or know what I am talking about. But when you trust in GOD to help you get out of a situation….it may not  be as how YOU may want it to happen. It will happen as how GOD sees fit in HIS loving, wise and perfect way. GOD can see the whole blessing!

I tell you, when you forget about the stuff you see secular people doing , and aiming to hurt you with always remember who is in control, because it sure is not them. It is GOD who is in control. GOD will not lie, HE is not a man who will lie. Why would HE when HE has all power, and is all-knowing?  Your blessings will keep on coming! Trust in the LORD GOD with all of your heart at all times. Let not negativity distract you and control your thoughts. Stay in peace with the LORD and get to know HIS son JESUS.

JESUS did not sacrifice His life on the cross for nothing, He did this for ALL mankind who will believe in HIM and have JESUS the son of GOD as their savior. Trust in GOD and HIS son, JESUS is THE key to heaven,, peace, love and comfort. For all of us who have accepted JESUS we will meet up in heaven when it is time.

Be blessed, and may GOD be with you all always! 🙂


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