Our Destiny for Heaven or hell is determined by Christ JESUS alone.



I have met so many people in my life you were kind to me, helpful and always smiling, and I have met some with a hidden anger in them. Like they were hurt by those they have opened up to and trusted as well. Many of them were not saved, and did not want anything to do with JESUS.

There were people who did not feel that JESUS would help them, or love them because of the sins they have done all their lives and turn from Him. A lie that is or was whispered in their ears by the devil…not good.

Sad to hear some say that they have done some things that they know GOD would not forgive them for. Not really understanding what JESUS has done, and why such a loving GOD that rules all heaven and earth would do. And is doing to show us all just how much HE does love us and wants us to be in HIS heaven for all of  eternity long. A good place to be beyond human understanding and measure!

I hear this popular saying that some say “I know I am going to hell, we all are going to hell!” Like it is cool to say it and have no fear of saying it. Fun. And those like-minded will get a giggle out of it. It makes me shake each time I hear or read it.  I #GOOGLED that slogan or phrase and it popped up more than once some with images or memes. Not good, because this means that there are so many people out there that are  confused about what that truly does mean to say it, that they see nothing wrong with it.

Maybe you do not want to know JESUS and why HE came to earth as a man due to being insecure of your fate with GOD. What the meaning of JESUS being nailed to the cross means. That you do not see Him as the savior of your soul and have not accepted Him as your savior. You do not feel that love He is trying to show you right now through me and other people like me who tell you the same thing. You do not know that perfect love that GOD the GOD of all gods and Father of all fathers has done by sending JESUS to earth! We tell you to share the joy and love that come from JESUS and not wanting to see anyone….ANYONE crash and burn and be sent to hell. Then after hell for judgement comes the lake of fire.

I #GOOGLED some scriptures online that I cut and paste for you all to read,

 Heaven or hell is determined by whether a person believes (puts their trust) in Christ alone to save them (John 3:16, 36).

Everyone will exist eternally either in heaven or hell (Daniel 12:2,3; Matthew 25:46; John 5:28; Revelation 20:14,15).

Everyone has only one life in which to determine their destiny (Hebrews 9:27).

I suggest that you have your bible with you and look up the scriptures so you can see for yourself as what it says about hell. #GOOGLE IT in another tab for reference and look it up if you have no Bible. Use the King James Version please. The newer translations may take it to another meaning too far from the KJV and also lose the impact of the message GOD wants us to learn.

I as a woman who has accepted JESUS as my savior and the keeper of my soul…..I think about those people who I met recently who have said they are not religious and do not go to church. Many who have said that they are too bad to get into heaven for all of the things they have done in their lives. But you see, this is why we all need JESUS there is no person that was ever born or lives without sin. JESUS came to earth by GODS will for all mankind.

Even my haters…those who see the JESUS in me and hate me for it. Those of you who love JESUS already know what I am talking about. You go through the same thing as well. I have situations at work where there are co-workers who are openly anti-Christ and who will let me know about it too. I still believe in GOD and JESUS and love them in spite of what they do or say to hurt me. I know that GOD does not lie and Psalm 37 is true! Pray for all of your haters, they don’t really know what they are doing to a child of GOD and what happens to them for it. For if they really did ….they wouldn’t be doing evil against us thinking they are getting away with it. Ask me how I know, it is through praying and watching what GOD does.

Romans 3:23

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”

No one is without sin.

Only JESUS when He walked the earth was without sin. This is why HE was the only on that could make the sacrifice to save all of mankind that believes in Him and accepts JESUS as their savior.

Be encouraged to pray, and get to know JESUS. Ask him to come into your heart and be saved if you have not done so yet! Go to a quiet place and be alone with no distractions. Mean it from your heart. He will answer you. Ask me how I know about GOD, because He answers me when I call on HIM ad trust in HIS son JESUS.

May GOD bless you and open your heart to HIM and through the reading of HIS word , and be saved.

HEAVEN is he place to be!

Jesus in the clouds 3-16-18


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Have a blessed day. Feel free to saher this post with others!



Mighty GOD, Mighty Blessings! Philippians 4:19 KJV

Philippians 4:19

“But my GOD shall supply all your need, according to HIS riches in glory by Christ Jesus”

Hello and blessings to the reader of GODS word, and for all who do truly seek after Christ to be saved! For true joy and love is in the LORD GOD and accepting HIS son JESUS as their savior of their very soul!

I need to share this with anyone who needs to be encouraged and to know that GOD is real! And did send His only begotten son Jesus here to walk on this earth to save all of mankind from all from the sins we have done our whole life long.

My husband and I were traveling along doing our errands when the vehicle we were driving lost control of the 4 wheel drive system. It would not shift from out of the 4wd even by backing it up and going forward several times. So we needed help in getting home!

My Husband turns to me and says…”We are going to need your prayers on this one hun….it will not shift out of 4 wheel drive and it will tear up the vehicle if try to drive it home as it is..!” My husband is a praying man, but we both know the power of prayer. He was very annoyed with the vehicle and was going about to see if anyone that was around could give him some quick and help. But immediately after my husband said to pray, I called on JESUS even before I called the car insurance people who did send out a tow truck which did arrive a few minutes later.

As we were waiting a nice young man (He has a name of a good man from the Bible too!) who was on leave as it turns out from the Army. He lived a few houses down and it just so happened that he saw our flashers on as he was driving and stopped to see if he could help. He did , told us how to fix the 4wd which was a simple thing of an unattached wire that could be reattached! But we still had to have that tow to pick us up to fix it at home. In the meantime we talked about the LORD and salvation as waited for the tow truck to arrive. It was all good, it feels good to talk to other people who love the LORD in these days and times!

That was blessing number one kicking in right there!

Then like even 2 minutes after that while the neighbor stayed with us until the tow truck came mind you….there came the next blessing of a nice smiling young who drove the tow truck. He was very polite and came on time and we talked about the LORD with him too. He gave us a chance to have a good time sharing what we knew all about faith with each other and encouraging him to get a KJV Bible. We feel it is the bet interpretation of the Holy Word because of the least amount of translations that have gone on through the years.

That was blessing number two.

Once we got the vehicle towed home and parked the tow truck driver wanted to buy an old tool of my husbands that was mentioned in our conversation he was not using! Praise GOD another blessing came from this 4wd incident as well! It was just a few more dollars we needed to get by. See what I am saying here….what we needed? He was so cool of a person, always smiling. Just a good thing to see a smiling face in this world, a smile from someone whose smile is what they are really feeling not making it up.

That was blessing number three this day!

A neighbor came by, and had a conversation with my husband about the truck. My husband did not call him or anything. Just so happened he knew how to fix the 4wd by listening and looking to see what was wrong. He was the one who did fix the gears on the truck for NOTHING. And with after that, my husband found out that he was saved too!

Blessing number four!

Upon then having to get some groceries….I have been looking for these crackers for sometime. I even GOOGLED it to see where I could get themcheez it sandwich crackers 2017

I found them! They are the sandwich style crackers I will use for lunch time with some tomato soup! I love Cheez-its! See even a blessing like this too, and GOD will keep them coming for me and you as well. Just believe. Leave that worldly nonsense alone so you can enjoy the life that GOD has given you!

Oh praise GOD, these people came by when we needed them. Prayer is the key to all issues one may have. Someone that is reading this maybe going through something where you feel I do not understand or know what I am talking about. But when you trust in GOD to help you get out of a situation….it may not  be as how YOU may want it to happen. It will happen as how GOD sees fit in HIS loving, wise and perfect way. GOD can see the whole blessing!

I tell you, when you forget about the stuff you see secular people doing , and aiming to hurt you with always remember who is in control, because it sure is not them. It is GOD who is in control. GOD will not lie, HE is not a man who will lie. Why would HE when HE has all power, and is all-knowing?  Your blessings will keep on coming! Trust in the LORD GOD with all of your heart at all times. Let not negativity distract you and control your thoughts. Stay in peace with the LORD and get to know HIS son JESUS.

JESUS did not sacrifice His life on the cross for nothing, He did this for ALL mankind who will believe in HIM and have JESUS the son of GOD as their savior. Trust in GOD and HIS son, JESUS is THE key to heaven,, peace, love and comfort. For all of us who have accepted JESUS we will meet up in heaven when it is time.

Be blessed, and may GOD be with you all always! 🙂


How do I get a good love like THAT?

Ever see couples who  look so happy in your family the people next door, school or work? You seek that too if you are single and not married.

Where to find a true love, one that will commit to you and not judge you by what you look like on the outside. Many people do. They do not know your heart, what you truly feel deep within. Why you have this empty feeling inside ? Why you are not up to what society has said you need to look like? But who is it that will love you so until you feel like you are covered in this unconditional love?

How do I get a chance to have a pure love, and to feel so loved that it comforts and heals me….never leaves me lonely? Knows when I need it and has my cup over flow with that goodness?

How do I get a love that will give to me his all? His very life so that I can live? Where is this wonderful unconditional love?

In GOD  and HIS  word! GOD the creator of all heaven and earth! HE gives us unconditional love 24/7 if you accept GOD as GOD the one and only true living GOD and to know that HE did send HIS only begotten so Jesus here on earth to save from the sins we have done our whole entire lives.  If you do not read the word of the one and only living GOD, you will not know it. You will be searching the face of the globe and not see the truth I am telling you until you will open your eyes and read for your self.


1 Thessalonians 2:8

“So being affectionately desirous of you, we were willing to have imparted unto you, not the Gospel of God only, but also our own souls, because ye were dear  unto us.”

1611 King James Version

See what we people will do is to look for love in all of the wrong places….thinking that this man or woman you have an interest in truly is the one you are seeking. But this is not true at all, this person you seek after is most likely not in the word or loves GOD. They will give you a line you will fall for like anything that is from the world if you do not have contact and a relationship with GOD.

You can go to bars…..work…..the supermarket….parties….and even Church.

In bars , supermarkets, work, parties and even in Church (evil intentions in some people will go everywhere they can to bother those who love the LORD or who babes in the LORD seeking to distract and destroy them ). Some people generally are looking to do things with people in secret on conditions on giving a false sense of love to get what they want from each other. A like “con” game.  Like my husband will say a temporary “aspirin to fix an itch”. And that lasts until they see someone else they will lust after. The mate GOD will send you will take joy at ANY given time to praise and talk about the LORD and mean it with a whole heart. Do not please, fall for these distractions for the one GOD will send just may pass you by. You will need to have a loving relationship with GOD too to see it.

But if this person that was not put in your path by GOD is not living, talking and walking the walk that a person who TRULY loves GOD and is saved lives you are asking for another heart break. A waste of a part of your life here on earth being with someone who will “love” you until they are done with you. It is up to you who is reading this right now  to make up your mind if you want pure joy, happiness and unconditional love to pour over you with blessing, after blessing , after blessing!

Those who deceive too need the LORD, and may have been hurt by someone which now leads them to do the same thing to whom ever will let them. If you are reading this and you have been hurt by a deceiver then I do pray that you will walk away from that situation and move on. Spend your time 1st seeking the LORD and all good will come to you. Open your heart to GOD, accept Jesus as your savoir for there is no other love so perfect, unconditional, never ending, warm and comforting as the love GOD and HIS son Jesus will give to you with every single breath you take from here on. NONE. No human can do that, because we are not perfect, only the LORD is.

See, GOD sent HIS son…..HIS only begotten son at that, JESUS to this earth to save us from what we do and have done. No man or woman on this earth is without sin.  It says so in

1 John chapter 1:8

“If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”

So no matter what given “title” a man has here on earth from “Pastor” to “Pope”, from you to me we all are sinners. No one man {or woman} is “Holier than thou” except JESUS! I am a Christian who does love JESUS with all of my heart and I want to share that love so that all who read this will be blessed and look for JESUS and let Him into their hearts and get that same kind of love too!

There are many people out there who seek to get married and have children and wind up being the ones who may wind up having many lovers and not ever getting married because they did not wait for GOD to lead them. Still alone. But I want to impress on you that living this way is a distraction on what GOD is planning for you!

“Trust in the LORD with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding” Proverbs chapter 3:5. GOD does not lie. Many, many of times, I have trusted on GOD for help and HE came through.

This love applies to any relationship with a person you know of, be it your future spouse, family, and friends too. There will be a conflict and spiritual warfare going on around you. It will be hard for you at first to move on because you were deceived so long. But all you have to do is get onto your knees and ask GOD for help. Ask Jesus if He is real! You will happily surprised  and blessed to see that He is.

I hope that this will help all who read this. I would hope that do read this will see what joy and unconditional love I am talking about and how to get it. It is not about you are a sinner and I am not. We all are and we all need the LORD to get the unconditional love!

Peace and blessings with the reader!