No Outlet. Only one way to righteousness.

Proverbs 21:21

“He that followeth after righteousness and mercy findeth life, righteousness, and honour.”

King James Version (KJV)


I do pray for every person that has walked the face of your earth. Be it not saved (yet) or those who have not come to you and your son Jesus for salvation. I pray that those who are reading this you will touch their hearts, open their eyes to what they are missing in pure unconditional love, peace, joy and the knowing that you are in control!

Those who have heavy burdens who need to leave it with you, and who do not know to leave it with you. That you dear FATHER GOD can get them through all of the weight and troubles that this world has given them. I ask for healing of the mind, body and soul for them all to seek righteousness! And for your beloved son Jesus!

For you are fair, loving, good, patient and forgiving at all times. We all need you, every person on this earth! I ask this in Jesus name FATHER GOD and I thank you!


Good morning to all of you!

I do pray that you will have a blessed day and until we all meet the next time of the reading of the nex blog GOD willing. For none of us knows when GOD will send his son JESUS to return. It could happen at any time that GOD sees fit.

Revelation 1:7

“Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.”

King James Version (KJV)

no entry 2019

We all make mistakes, and sin because we want to do what we want. Ever try to tell a 2 year old something that they are doing is not right right? And they will let you know thy do not want to listen if they are stubborn. If you don’t have small children around when you go to the grocery store on a saturday morning you might see a scenario like this there. The loving parent will explain to the child, “No you can not have only candy for dinner…” , and the will react. Turn away from the parent upset.

angry child in the candy isle 2019

We as adults can do the same thing towards our loving FATHER GOD. Trusting and loving our GOD is what will keep the joy in your heart. You will see there is nothing as perfect and dependable as the love and joy from our FATHER GOD. Nothing. You will always have joy in you when you know this is from GOD, and he is in you.


When our days are done on on this earth and the LORD calls us home….we are then in wait for judgment. We cant pull away and turn in defiance as a small child will because we want to have “candy”.

That part of our lives is done here in the flesh. There is no outlet from death once we are buried into the ground. JESUS came the first time to teach us the right way, the laws of our GOD. Righteousness as how he lived and spoke. How we should live . Salvation is when we trust and believe in JESUS as our savior sent by GOD.

Our final resting place will be where we will wait for our judgement. Our names will be put into the book of life if we deserve it. We will then see the face of JESUS. Our flesh is laid to rest, our souls in sleep until the skies will crack open with JESUS to the rescue for all of us who love Him!


Twopeasinapod123’s Custom Made Clothing and Alterations Price List.





Alteration & Repair Price List


Prices are approximate and may vary based on fabric, style, and project difficulty.

For custom made clothing with your own fabrics and pattern, please ask

for prices.

Lined pants & sleeves add $5.00 to the cost of alteration.

Pants, Turn & Stitch, Machine – $15.00
Pants by Hand – $17.00
Pants with Cuffs or Vents – $20.00

Jeans, Turned and Stitched – $15.00
Sleeves, Turn & Stitch by Machine – $15.00
Sleeves hemmed by Hand – $17.00
Sleeves with Cuffs or Vents – $20.00 & up

Lined garments add -$10.00

Skirts & Dresses, Machine Hem – $15.00 & up
Skirts & Dresses hemmed by hand – $17.00 & up
Skirts & Dresses w/ Decor Edge or Slit – $20.00 & up
Skirts & Dresses, Pleated – $25.00 & up

Outerwear, Coats or Jackets – $25.00 & up

Pants & Skirts – $15.00 & up
Invisible, Jeans & Dresses – $20.00 & up
Jackets & Coats – $25.00 & up
Down – $30.00 & up
Pockets – $15.00 & up

Resew Button – $5.00 min
New Button – $5.00 plus cost off button
Hook & Eye, Clasp – $5.00 min

Repair/Alter Waist/Hip – $15.00 & up
Repair Damaged Hem – $10.00 & up
Repair Damaged Seam – $10.00 & up

Repair Hole or Tear – $10.00 & up
Repair/Replace Elastic – $10.00 & up

Repair/Alter Strap – $5.00 & up
Resew Belt Loop – $5.00 & up

For all other items including custom clothing, formal/evening wear

or alterations & repairs not listed here,

please contact me via email for more information at:

Custom made clothing orders require a 50% deposit – up front.