My collection of GODs word. The HOLY Bible.

Do you have any collections?

This one was given to me that has a matching twin notebook . They were given to me by a co-worker! 😃

We have more than one Bible in our car, what we carry with us, and we have in our house. There are times when we need to pray or look up scripture that is going to help us get through a situation.

The Bible is very comforting to Mr. When no one else is around, family is not near, GOD is. And HE let’s me know it too. As only the one who made me can.

I will write in my Bible personal things that came to me through reading a particular book and verse. These loving words from GOD will reach out to me as though they were ment just fir me in any situation.

Studying the Bible is continuous every single day. Having the KJV of the Bible is the 2nd version to read that I prefer. 2nd is the NIV. Then there is the chronological Bibles, too.

Even if there is no hard copy of the Bible near me for some reason, I have my cell phone for quick reference. Or laptop. The cell phone will quickly help you to look up verses..

See? This is a screen shot of “

I can never have enough of GOD,JESUS, THE HOLY GHOST, with GOD’S word around me.

Peace and blessings ❤️