A balanced life with GOD leading us.

How do you balance work and home life?

Multi-tasking at work. No matter what type of honest work you do, always do the work for GOD.

When you do 40 hours or more a week you can get burned out depending on what you are doing repitionously. So even when you are off the clock you need to wind down.

And relax with your loved ones going out after work if you can. Even to get an ice cream for a treat on a nice summer evening over looking a lake or ocean.

We have our devotions to our FATHER GOD in Bible study and prayer.

Relaxing and enjoying GODS creation!

For us, this is relaxing and quiet. No phones from the office, no office chit chat, no distractions to contend with.

But if it’s winter and you can’t find anything to do, being inside watching a movie or an interesting YouTube channel.

Leadfarmer73, ladylead ,Homestead Heart , and That 1870’s homestead are our favorite ones for gardening.

When I hear them get going and see them on YouTube on gardening, it takes my mind off of work. They are enjoying being out on their land. Growing their food!

The balance is with GOD in all you do. He is the balance!

Peace and blessings ❤️