To know, understand and remember scripture from the Bible even better than I do now.

What’s one small improvement you can make in your life?

Denzel Washington, in a scene from “The Book of Eli”

I want to be better at knowing the eord of GOD. There is perpetual learning in the word of GOD. I could read any particular verse on day and then the next see something else that I would see that it will mean it pertains to me.

In the book of Eli, Denzel memorized the entire King James Bible. He carried the Bible with him the entire length of the movie. He even recited scripture when it applied to a given situation.

Listening to GOD, he made it to where he needed to be. It was a cool movie.

Actually, there are some who actually claim to know the entire King James Version of the Bible. I can’t recall their names at this point. But you can GOOGLE it.🙂

It is not a matter of changing any of GOD’S words when that happens. It is a matter of greater understanding. As one develops a deeper faith, the connection to GOD becomes stronger. Brighter than the sun on a sunny day!

To get there to a higher level of understanding, it is a matter of steady reading and prayer. Many pastors who truly love GOD will tell you. You are never done with reading the word. You just don’t stop.

Prayer is part of the formula of faith. As we read GOD’S word in a quiet place, let us have a prayer for GODLY wisdom, to understand HIS word, and remember it. Not only will it help you, but others to whom you recite it.

Peace and blessings ❤️