My hoodie. It is comfy and warm.

What’s the oldest things you’re wearing today?

I am wearing a 5 year old hoodie this morning. It is warm and worn well. No holes or broken zipper.

I have always loved hooded jackets and sweaters. At most times, for me, a scarf is not enough in these winter days up north. That wind will find my neck through any narrow opening and make me just shiver!

Yep. That’s what you do when it’s cold!πŸ˜„

Cozy, comfortable clothes on a chilly day. I have the basic zip front jacket hoodie in more than one color. You know, to break up the monotony.

Wearing a hoodie that came clean and warm from the dryer is like a hug from our savior JESUS. It is on that comfort level when it is cold weather.

Just out to get the mail? And having a bad hair day? Just put your hoodie on!

Peace and blessings ❀️

Sweet fruits are better than cake.

List your top 5 favorite fruits.

Yes, these are just 4 of my top 5 favorite fruit

Why only 5? The one missing to make it 5 is concord dark sweet grapes! Then, to add extra would be strawberries, mangos, peaches , and plums! Gee, well, I guess I have a sweet tooth!

Can you imagine how it must have been in the garden of Eden with all of the perfect fresh fruits and vegetables that were there then?

If we grow our foods from seed, we can have freshness, but not like how it was for Adam and Eve.

People, I tell you, when you pick a fresh strawberry from your garden, it has a more strawberry flavor. Juicy and delicious.

And if you want to lose some weight and love sweets, then growing what you can in your zone can help.

If I could grow all of the fruits i love to eat, that GOD would allow, I would!

Peace and blessings ❀️

I am a follower of Christ JESUS, and will lead people to JESUS!

Are you a leader or a follower?

That prompt question can be answered at the same by leader and follower by saying you are a Christian who is devoted to JESUS.

For me , the only man to walk the face of the earth for me to follow is JESUS. I am humble enough to know there is none greater than JESUS!

This is an older song, but it is still true.

But as JESUS’S humble servant , I can lead others to JESUS through faith. I can say how wonderful our savior is whether one will believe that when I say that no one can get into heaven without JESUS.

Being with a person who is in need of compassion ,and just to have a shoulder to lean on, I will pray with them and for them when they give permission. When they do give permission, it is leading them to JESUS for the help they need.

I wouldn’t force a prayer if they don’t want it. πŸ˜”

Being a believer, I suppose, is like being both!πŸ™‚

Peace and blessings ❀️

To know, understand and remember scripture from the Bible even better than I do now.

What’s one small improvement you can make in your life?

Denzel Washington, in a scene from “The Book of Eli”

I want to be better at knowing the eord of GOD. There is perpetual learning in the word of GOD. I could read any particular verse on day and then the next see something else that I would see that it will mean it pertains to me.

In the book of Eli, Denzel memorized the entire King James Bible. He carried the Bible with him the entire length of the movie. He even recited scripture when it applied to a given situation.

Listening to GOD, he made it to where he needed to be. It was a cool movie.

Actually, there are some who actually claim to know the entire King James Version of the Bible. I can’t recall their names at this point. But you can GOOGLE it.πŸ™‚

It is not a matter of changing any of GOD’S words when that happens. It is a matter of greater understanding. As one develops a deeper faith, the connection to GOD becomes stronger. Brighter than the sun on a sunny day!

To get there to a higher level of understanding, it is a matter of steady reading and prayer. Many pastors who truly love GOD will tell you. You are never done with reading the word. You just don’t stop.

Prayer is part of the formula of faith. As we read GOD’S word in a quiet place, let us have a prayer for GODLY wisdom, to understand HIS word, and remember it. Not only will it help you, but others to whom you recite it.

Peace and blessings ❀️

JESUS is the perfect positive impact for me.

Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life.

When I was growing up in school, there were one or two bullies in class that would annoy me at times. Persistent unhappy kids who didn’t have any true friends.

I tell you, when they locked into a person, it was like they were on a mission to be a nuisance. Until they would meet someone who did not back down and defend themselves. Then, their had mission failed.

I saw what our beloved JESUS went through as a man here on earth was horrible. Far way more horrible than bullying. JESUS was not respected as HE was spreading the word of GOD. Some people did listen to JESUS, but then there were those who didn’t.

They mocked JESUS. They spit on HIM, lied about and to HIM, hated HIM, sought to kill HIM, beat HIM too. And maybe even way more than was mentioned in the Bible. πŸ˜”

JESUS was and is no wimp. HE was and is strong!

Then I see what I and all other Christians I know personally go through daily. It is nothing compared to what our beloved JESUS had gone through to save our souls.

Knowing all this has helped me to stay strong and keep me focused on GOD and HIS SON JESUS.

JESUS prayed and never turned away FATHER GOD! Even when HE was on the cross wounded and abused. HE stayed righteous and diligent until HE went back home to be with GOD.


JESUS went through nonsense from mankind with such perfect patience. And still having love and compassion, too, like HE did for one of the thieves who was on a cross right next to HIM, too!


I don’t have enough words in my heart to tell you all how much our beloved savior has made such a positive impact on my life. I thank GOD for JESUS every day πŸ™πŸΎ.

Peace and blessings ❀️

To be able to pray or say grace over a meal openly .

What does freedom mean to you?

Praying in a public place. Picture is from:

Hello everyone,

For those of us who openly say grace at our mealtime at work, or in public silently to our GOD and our savior, JESUS πŸ™πŸΎ is our business.

Some people stop what they are doing at their own table in a restaurant to watch us pray over our food. At work, one person came over and tapped me on the shoulder asking..

“Are you alright?” As she was steady tapping me on my shoulder.

I had my head bowed down. Hands clasped in prayer. And I had to stop my prayer for the moment so this woman would let me be. Looking at the expression on her face, it was more like she was annoyed than concerned.

“I am fine , I was saying grace over my food” She then looked perplexed, and said

“Well, I haven’t seen people say grace like that! I thought you were sick, and I wanted to make sure you were okay.” She then turned and walked away angry.

I could even feel the negativity coming towards me as I was praying. (With my eyes closed). This was someone who was not saved and was used by the devil to stop me from praying.

I went back to saying my grace in spite of her doings. Be it if she was truly concerned or not. She has left me alone ever since then, but glaring from a distance.

You can not please people only GOD, and only GOD should we aim to please.

Peace and blessings ❀️

Well done, you can come on in!

Well done, good and faithful servant! Come on in!

Hello everyone,

As we all get up in the morning, let us thank GOD for another day of life to live. To accept JESUS as our savior. To start over, leaving your past in the past and living now in the present.

We all make mistakes and are sinners. But through GOD’S son JESUS, we are given grace to start over. To walk on the path of righteousness. To leave all sin and people who want to stay in sin alone. And to leave all people who want you to stay in sin with them too.

It is more important to save your soul and the precious life GOD has given you. To dwell in heaven with GOD for all eternity. No pain, no sorrow, no mean people to harm you ever again.

Philippians 3:21

β€œWho shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself.”

King James Version (KJV)

To have a new body. Clean robe. Healthy, happy peace . To have our perfect and loving GOD and HIS SON JESUS smile upon you. Beauty ,peace, seeing all of your loved ones who have gone on before you once again.

Revelation 21:4

β€œAnd God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”

Follow the path to JESUS. Stay on the road of righteousness.

King James Version (KJV)

Don’t be discouraged when negative things happen around you. Those are distractions to take your focus off of GOD and JESUS. And anything not from GOD is from the evil one and his followers. So don’t be fooled. Know GOD is on the side of the righteous at all times.

Be encouraged brothers and sisters. Stay in prayer. JESUS will return, and we don’t know when. So be prepared for JESUS!

Peace and blessings ❀️

The late Steve Hawkings

What public figure do you disagree with the most?

Note. Mr.Zacharias had his own sins that came into the light as well. But he was a good defender for the topic of there is a GOD.

There are people who do not believe in GOD. There are those who have made this choice to believe in this way.

There are many who make it a mission to mock and defy GOD, the one and only true living GOD . With what seems to be with such anger. So, sure, they are correct in with what they say will prove that they are correct.

Once a person denies GOD, they deny JESUS, salvation, and all that is Holy. They have shut the door on their heart that will allow JESUS in. To know what true and perfect love is.

They do not respect GOD and HIS moral laws. So they will have a sin that they choose to live by freely and don’t want anyone to tell them about it.

I don’t know about what Mr. Hawkings did behind closed doors. That remains between GOD and Mr. Hawkings.

The late Ravi Zacharias was a well-known defense for the proof that there is a GOD from where moral laws have come from. Even through the well sexual sin he was accused of. He made some good points that if you researched it for yourself, you would say it is true.

This is a good point in researching for yourself and not to idolize any mankind. Both of these men were not perfect. But one was a believer in GOD. We will let our GOD be the judge of their fate.

GOD rest their souls.

Just like any non Christian beliefs others may have, if they choose to bow down and worship like trees or whatever. I just notice and leave it as their choice.

If you are saved and a follower of Christ JESUS, then you will understand why I do try to read about apologetics. It helps to defend the faith πŸ™πŸΎ.

Peace and blessings ❀️

The Gospel Festival in Finlay Park South Carolina.

What was the last live performance you saw?

Finlay Park Gospel festival in Columbia, South Carolina.

If you are a one who reads my blog, often you know where my heart is. And what kind of lifestyle I live.

Black Gospel music is what I grew up listening to. There are a lot of soulful feelings in it .And most of the Black Godspell music has an organ in it.

But where I live at now there are no Black Gospel Festivals due to the difference in culture. So I miss those festivals.

You could be out there in Finlay Park enjoying that music all night for free. Yes, for free. I even met a woman I worked with from New York I have not seen in years at the festival. Among thousands of people, too…walked right up to each other.

I was thinking about her. I was wondering how she was doing. And there she was with her family too. My family and hers enjoying the music too.

We had our food, drinks and a tent fot privacy for when the kids wanted to sleep. We all had a great time! It was wonderful.

Peace and blessings ❀️