My Artwork Displayed In An New Art Gallery Experience!

When you have gone away from something that you loved to do, it is just a shock at how much you have missed it. It was fun, challenging and it kept my aware of nature and what GOD has made within the whole earth.

I am talking about a talent to draw and to be able to have it show cased in an Art Gallery and have people tell you how wonderful your work is. To be able to see your artwork on display again gave me the courage and ambition to go and pursue it even more again!

You see, I have been trained to do Fashion Illustration along with sewing , tailoring and to make custom made clothing from college in New York at THE best college….F.I.T. ( I will call it the best because I favor it). I really enjoyed going to this SUNY, I had the best times there. My favorite teacher was Mr.Basil my art professor. All of my professors were great, but you know how you have one that will say just the right thing to you to make you feel encouraged? Well he had done that for me.

When I decided to go back into the Art Gallery Experience, I searched on Google and Yahoo. These place that I were a bit too pricey for me. That is something I can not do now until I can get some notice. Struggling Artist sort of thing.

I have always loved to draw, and ever since I had seen my Aunt sit in front of her easels and work on her oil paintings….I was in so impressed that I wanted to draw like she did at 4 years old. She sat me down next to her and I tried to copy what she did color for color, line for line. My beloved Auntie got me going, I have been bit by the illustrator bug and it was wonderful! So from then on I made a living from the talents I have and love.

Last year I came across an Art Gallery that I had always admired and wanted my Art Work displayed too! I pursued to see who was in charge ands went at it to see what I needed to do to get myself out there. GOD lead me to this kind woman who was in charge. I will not mention her name due to I do not know if she would want her name all across the interne

my drawings 2014 of rihanna 003

I drew a picture of Rihanna because she is popular and I wanted to see if people could tell who it was that I have drawn. This was done on art paper and with pen, pencil and marker. I then framed the drawing once I had thought it came out to how I wanted to.

my drawings of mommy 2014 003

My Mom took some convincing to send me a photo of her once I had told her what I was doing. She was not sure if she wanted her picture hung up as well. But because I am her child she let me, So her portrait was going to be next for display.

Michael Jackson 2013


Michael Jackson was and still is one of my favorite music artists, and I had this illustration on display there as  well. When I was hanging up my artwork there, a couple of young boys came by down the hall and was looking at all the artwork I had done. “I like this one the best!” One said and the other agreed.  They knew who he was, and could see that this was Michael Jackson! To me that was a very nice complement. And made me smile. This man was so famous in so many generations of people across the globe. I miss him and his talented music, I do not know of any artist that was like him.

Grandma,MJ and Model 2014

Here is Michael Jackson on display in Upstate New York along with my other drawings next to it. One is a fashion illustration and the other is of  my Grandmother in the largest frame. To me she was the best Grandmother in the world, and I tried to honor her there in the gallery.

Artwork 2014

Artwork 2014

Here is one of the walls were I had put my Artwork on to it. In order from the left is Tome Cruise, my Auntie who tought me how to draw, my Mom, Aden Smith from after earth, and then Rihanna. You cannot see the drawings as well as how I would have liked in these shots. I wanted to make a record of them being up mostly.

My art work on display at BGH 9-21-14 005

When I went to hang up my work, my husband went with me to help. He was very proud and was doing his best to make sure that the nails and all went in to the bill board nice and neat.

My art work on display at BGH 9-21-14 008

There is Johnny Depp, a Proud Native American Chief, a beautiful Native American Woman on the next wall panel.

My art work on display at BGH 9-21-14 006

I drew all of these from a photo. It is very hard to for me to get models or people I know that would sit still for me to draw them. And anyone who did not know I was able to draw like this, did not believe I could and shrugged it off. I was only because of circumstance in life that I had stopped only for awhile at trying to do something with my talent. My family comes first so the issues of the day then needed my attention. Now thank GOD of all Heaven and earth I am able to get back into one of the things that I love to do. I leave things in GODS hands as to show me how to get going again in the right direction.

Keeping the faith 2014

Keeping the faith and moving on with the inspiration I get from positive people and things about me. I have done most of this collection of work in pen, colored pencils, and markers. I have  used other medias such as water, oil and other paints. But for right now I am feeling this, I wanted more of a fashion type illustration done for this display.

I am working on my next display for this same gallery, and I am seeking other galleries to  have my artwork displayed there.

Ms. Latrenia Bryant

I find people who interest me who I am familiar with , such as fashion bloggers who have the same interest that I have as well. Such as Ms. Bryant who is also a natural hair woman like myself who enjoys  wearing her hair natural and in a natural hairstyle such as  Locs (Nubian Locs, Dread Locs, or Natural Locs.)

Prayig football player 2  2014

Here is a man who is a football player praying! These last two are the next two will be displayed in the next scheduled Art Gallery display. I am having fun coming up with new topics and things to draw.