My mother, M.J. Davis’ novel.

M.J. Davis' Novel

Agency Procedures ; Lust and Corruption

Book summary
Sheba Welters, a beautiful African American woman, was stalemated by the ‘glass ceiling’ after doing battle with corrupt individuals within Mega City’s largest civil service agency. She had finally reached the highest administrative position she could attain on her own merits through exams. After that, there were the political appointments.At the next level, all was fair, no standards of morality, except there wasn’t any deed ‘too low to go’, including murder.Sheba, hardworking and decent, seemed to be an entity unto herself at work until she meets Bob Dunn, the love of her life. You will meet Agatha Fluddrucker and Violet Gray (Sheba’s worst enemies), Emmaline Spenser (miserable from birth to demise), Ilene (who would do anything to get her way), Steve Beck (The boss who grossly abuses his absolute power), Ethel (one of Steve’s mistresses), Paul (one of Sheba’s admirers) Pearl and Evelyn (vengeful and vicious), Edith and Patricia (Both felt threatened by Sheba’s intelligence and decency).

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