People seem to be getting closer to GOD.

Our nature walk today.

Hello everyone,

I do hope you all are well and not stressed over anything. For we all need t leave our worries with our beloved FATHER GOD.

Hubby and I have taken our nature walk today and to see how things are growing in our neck of the woods!

The walk is so peaceful, as we look at the little creeks and streams. Water always can be relaxing to watch in a calm state of an even peaceful flow. Even the sound of it babbling along its way is relaxing.

And to think our ever loving GOD made this. I did take a video of this brook in a different angle , and it is just as peaceful. 🙂

Many people know God, and some do not. But what I am seeing more now are people talking about prayer. We all need to pray and with a sincere heart as this pandemic is busy across the entire globe!

I am happy to hear more people stop and think! Some stay doubtful because of little or no faith.

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